Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lesson 189. Start with something small.

October 15, where did you come from? 

Sorry for several months of silence. There isn't an excuse of the tangible sort so conjure something intriguing up and tell it to yourself in your favourite accent.

I started by staring at my screen and realising that I have no idea how I used to unpack my life in a matter of sentences. I then remembered that I used to begin by looking at a detail of a day, kind of like a shoelace or a bus stop.

But today’s restart of silver linings is about the small things we see in one another. Why? Because I notice them all too often and leave them unsaid when I know that they are too special to let slip by. We breathe by baby steps, we move in moments, we need to notice them and know them for what they are. Here's to the bits and pieces that make up you and I. Here’s to my right eye that scrunches up more than my left when I smile, to the silent laugh that you do when something is too hilarious to handle. Know that perfection is fiction and the pieces that make you are precious truths.

Find something beautiful in someone and say it out loud. Start with something small.

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