Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lesson 177. Be the Queen of Nostalgia.

I love Christmas. I love being at candlelit services where strangers lend a hand to light up each and every wax tip. I love the smell of the tree and how it fills a whole room with a soul reaching warmth. I love the lights for their gentle twinkle and their ability to make anything festive. I love Christmas.

My sister called me the Queen of Nostalgia the other day, I'm beginning to think she's right. Maybe that's why I bathe in Christmas carols and lie under the tree listening to my record player every night when I get in from work. Maybe it's simply because if I close my eyes I am six again, and everything is wonderful. Broken hearts don't exist, nor do financial concerns or jam packed timetables. All that exists is the hope of what lies beneath the wrapping paper, the arms of loved ones that will envelop me in days to come, and the dreams that are unrestricted by adult logic or reasoning. 

Maybe one of the reasons why I love Christmas so much is because it reminds me to be six. Because six year old Lydia could teach eighteen year old Lydia a thing or two about life (Although choice in pets and hair cuts would definitely be something I could teach past Lydia about. Mice and a bowl cut? Seriously Gregory and Sheena encourage healthy life decisions.) Tonight, I'm lying down on the floor by the tree, and I'm attempting to leave behind the teeny broken pieces of myself, to shut down financial concern and to just take time out from my jam packed timetable. Tis' the season to be jolly and the weight of adult life can often eliminate the said joy from the whole situation. I'm not saying neglect all responsibility and start wearing clothes from the kid's department, I'm saying learn from six year old you. Leave behind the worries that you don't need, be the Queen of Nostalgia. 

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