Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lesson 178. To the Year of New Beginnings.

Hello lover, a hearty Happy New Year and Good Evening to you.

Isn't it funny how the simple tick of a clock hand from one second to the next can change everything? 
How the flip of a calendar or the congratulatory "We made it through another one" hug can mark a moment where life just moves so much further forward?

I'm talking about the 31st of December meeting the 1st of January. I'm talking about the moment where all too many strangers engage in lip-lock, usually after consuming excessive amounts of alcohol, and I promptly trip over something (literally falling into a New Year) because I'm unsure of where to look when people kiss infront of me (Always supremely awkward, especially if mid conversation, does one continue or simply stop and allow the kiss to take place? Does one comment on the kiss or pretend it isn't happening? Too many questions for about social appropriateness for one set of brackets I think.)

Then somewhere between when fireworks are shot into the canvas of stars and drunken slurs of Happy New Years echo throughout cities, you experience a wonderful sense of hope. A hope that this year, things will be different. As I crawled into bed on the first morning of the year, my heart and my head had moved with the times, something different awoke as I fell asleep. So many realisations hit me about the year and it's happenings. One of them was that in allowing myself to hurt, in tears and frustration laid at the foot of the cross for days and sleepless nights on end, I had actually dealt with grief. I had struggled with them instead of pushed away from them, and without my knowing it, healing had begun to take place. I've come to a conclusion that relationships that don't work out generally go happy, heartbreak, and finally hope. I'm at hope. I didn't expect to be here, and it's not to say that heartbreak won't pop in for a visit on a lonely day, but more often than not, my heart is looking forward with joy instead of back with sadness and that's a pivotal point for me. In fact, not only am I looking forward, but I'm looking heavenwards and to my side to see blessing in such great abundance. What a group of people and what a Father above. 

Hope shines through the dawn of a New Year. I believe that this year will be better. I believe that it will have a new set of challenges and of course, being life, some form of heartbreak to over come. But I also believe that is brings with it a new season of joy for me. I'm thanking God for the year that's been and believing in him for what is to come. To the year of New Beginnings- 2013, Hello and Welcome, I've been waiting for you a while. 

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