Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The acceptance of grace, the fullness of love, the power of hope.

The acceptance of grace, the fullness of love, the power of hope.

This is what we hold onto. When understanding is beyond us and questions send our heads reeling, we trust in God's goodness to get us through each day. I don't have answers, I am lacking in wisdom but I know that true forgiveness knows no bounds and open arms are always necessary. I know that in times of heartache and confusion we fix our gaze on our creator and wrap our arms around one another and we hold grace, love, and hope in our hearts. That through this stormy night we will see a sunrise, and we will see it together.

Bitterness and anger have lost their place, death has lost its sting as those who we farewell spend an eternity in a place far greater than here. All there is for us to do is embrace one another and stand firm in the hope that tomorrow will be better. For all involved, there is grace, love and hope. For the heavy hearts, the broken bodies, the burdened shoulders, there is a tomorrow worth seeing.

I have spent my days in almost silence considering words to say and have found few. I am so overwhelmed with love for the people that have dealt with the darkest days I have ever experienced, and I honour those involved with my whole heart, for their bravery and love for one another. 

I am not sure of an awful lot, but I am sure of this much: We have to accept grace, live in the fullness of love, and hold steadfast to the power of hope. 

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