Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lesson 179. Complete a resolution early.

I'm back again. 'Oh how thrilling, Lydia is so excellent' (I was just pre-reading your internal dialogue upon the discovery that I'm doing several posts in one night. If that didn't just happen in your head then shut the door on your way out please. No I'm kidding, don't actually, I'd like you to stay and hopefully prove to you that I can do more than write extremely long brackets.) I suppose it's kind of like Christmas except that Christmas was 9 days ago, there are no cringey relatives commenting on your hair cut and you don't actually get any gifts, all you get are words from a nearly nineteen year old of slightly questionable sanity. Oh dear, that paragraph was complete nonsense, I may have digressed slightly, Happy Christmas?

Anyway, here's something worth talking about, I completed a New Years resolution by the end of the first of January. I felt quite empowered actually, I'd decided that this year I would make new friends. Not because I disliked my old friends, they're also of a very high standard, but because expansion of my horizons is definitely necessary. I met two genuinely beautiful girls and spent an evening and then the better part of a day with them. I very much warmed to them and at the same time, completed a resolution early, what a day for young Lydia! I'm exhausted from all the excitement so I really must keep this short, but what I'm trying to say is that it pays to get onto it early. Try and complete one of your resolutions now! It's full of benefits, now I get to spend the rest of the year basking in the sweet sweet company of sweet sweet friends and the knowledge that God knows what we hope for and his provision is perfect with perfect timing. Complete a resolution early.

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