Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lesson 180. Do something you don't do.

We all know I'm fairly terrible at spontaneity. I despise (truly, madly, deeply despise) anyone who sits in my seat at the dinner table, I schedule out my day the minute I wake up by 10-15-60 minute time slots, and if what I planned to be in the pantry is not in the pantry, I'm in a bad mood for at least the next 12 hours. I don't do spontaneous well. 

However, the other night a friend of mine popped me a text asking me if I wanted to go to a creek he'd told me about with him and a few other friends. After a few minutes of sweaty palms and discussion with myself (with the occasional comment from my sister about how strange I am) I decided to bite the bullet. I told myself, 2013 is the year for this Lydia, this is definitely about to happen. And it did. And it was wonderful. And now here comes the part where I reveal to you a pithy pearl of wisdom. 

Do something you don't do. Say yes to a spontaneous invitation, wake up early to watch the sunrise, be refreshed. This was also the night where I met the afore mentioned newfound wonderful friends, it was probably the best night of the year. It was so refreshing and so worthwhile. Challenge for tomorrow, do something you don't do.

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