Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lesson 155. Appreciate the people you can share your shoulder's worth with.

I had a dinner date with an old friend from school tonight. I hadn't seen in her in almost a year and things have changed more than I could've imagined. She's madly in love and headed for the aisle sooner rather than later and I'm quite the opposite. Nonetheless, there's nothing like talking to someone who knows your heart historically and it didn't take long for the honest, less than beautiful parts of our lives to be told.

"I'm seeing a therapist" I said. "I'm seeing a counsellor" she said. And we both burst out laughing for a solid 60 seconds. It was a bizarre thing to laugh at, but I think it was the moment we both realised that neither of us had it together and neither of us could pull off pretending. It was precious, a moment that stood out to me as pivotal.

It's the moment you realise that we're all messy. That your shoulders are just as heavy as mine and your eyes just as tired. That we all carry things we wish we didn't. It's the moment where you realise the battles you fight are just as wearying as the next persons. More importantly, it's the moment you realise you don't have to fight alone or try to hide what you're fighting. 

It's not something to be ashamed of, though it's not something to shout from the hilltops, it's a simple fact of life that should be shared between friends. It's something we all have to learn how to walk alongside one another with, and it's a special tie to hold to one another. I'd rather look at it like that. That in seeing her messy and in turn her seeing mine, we shared a moment that went beyond a simple superficial relationship. It ran deeper than liking the same sitcoms or having the same taste in music or males and it took it's form as an honest piece of information. 

Appreciate the people you can share your shoulder's worth with. 

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