Monday, October 29, 2012

Lesson 157. Stop comparing and start appreciating.

I'm dreadful at comparing myself to people.

I sat in a second year recital tonight and prayed to the good lord that the ground would swallow me up before my turn tomorrow night. They were sensational. 

Then a good friend took the stage and brought me to tears. Everything about how he presented his music to the way his heart jumped off of his sleeve and ran to every single member of the audience caused a change of mind. I realised it's better to just appreciate the talent around you.

Stop comparing, see everything as an individual expression of heart that is just as beautiful as the next. It's not about the biggest set up or meticulously thought out plan, if your heart is in what you're doing there's no use comparing.

So stop. Stop comparing and start appreciating. Every little bit is beautiful. 

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