Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lesson 158. Soundtracking makes everything better.

I told myself I wouldn't blog until my big final recital was done and dusted- and here we are. It's 11.43pm and I'm well equipped with brownie and anecdotes to complete two daily conversations with you.

There were three in the bed tonight. My two flatmates came into my room and thought it would be hilarious to hide under my covers. After discovering two eighteen year old girls behaving like six year olds with a secret, I joined them.

We then went through my iTunes and discussed appropriate songs for appropriate moments in life.

Soundtracking makes everything one hundred percent better. Even heartache can be found more bearable when the background is Michael Buble's 'Haven't met you yet'

I think it made me realise that the seasons give us all sorts of reasons to listen to all sorts of songs. And they're songs that should be listened to and loved. Just like each season should be listened to and loved. We have to embrace all of life's curved balls and learn that they're each striking in their own right.

So listen to the songs. Embrace every moment with full volume. Don't just sit and let life happen. Play music in every scene to follow the rhythm of your heart and feel what you need to feel.

Soundtracking makes everything better.

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