Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lesson 163. For goodness sake, fight.

Fighting is a funny thing.

I quarreled with my parents throughout numerous conversations today. I have like a five second rebound rate and then I'm right into the apology, I don't stay mad for long enough for bickering to effect our relationship. Still, I apologised and expressed my frustration with myself for being generally agitated. My Dad simply said, "At least you're fighting again."

He made me think. He often does that. I realised that he was referring to the somewhat out of character passive state I'd been in for the last few months.  He was right, at least I'd started fighting again.

When we fight, we take on fire. We pack punches with great gumption because we're living with passion and without apathy. Fighting means we're fighting for something, it means we have a cause, a greater agenda and that's something to acknowledge and appreciate. You might not quite be at the place you're wanting to be but at least you're fighting for it.

For goodness sake, fight. 

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