Friday, November 30, 2012

Lesson 173. Apply grace and wait.

The lights were crimson and so I sat. The lights turned emerald and so I sat.

That doesn't sound correct does it? Well that's because it wasn't. The car two cars in front was obviously unaware of the light change and neglected to bring their foot off the brake. This meant I had to wait for the next turn of events, but to be honest I didn't mind.

I basked in the moment that was. I was sitting in a few cars deep traffic and nobody honked, yelled or made any sort of angry advance towards the driver, they just sat and waited patiently for the mistake to be corrected- which it was within the next few minutes. It's a rare and precious moment when we can simply wait. Wait and trust that the time is coming, wait and accept that sometimes people make mistakes, wait with patience for them to wake up behind the wheel. It's a rare and precious moment because it exemplifies grace, an undeserved mercy or gift that is seemingly less and less common in our cut throat society. I kind of wanted to get out of my car and hug every person in front of me because of they proved to me that even though it's a rarity it's still in existence. We don't all get road ragin' at the drop of a hat or miss of a light. We don't all tell someone to hit the road because of one little mistake. It's when we are able to accept a mistake and trust that soon we will move forward that we actually will move forward. That's when we move forward without anger, bitterness or regret. Without a mood or an attitude to carry to the next stage, we move forward with a new understanding of one another and a renewed appreciation for the human race. That's when we trust ourselves and those around us.

I want to live in a world where grace is an everyday occurrence. I want to see people dismissing road rage and resisting to sweat the small stuff. I'm not saying I think crime should come without punishment, I'm simply saying that if grace were exercised we'd live alongside one another in relationships that weren't full of angry words and harbored hatred. Maybe I'm alone, but I challenge you the next time someone is sitting at the lights, wait. You'll feel better for it. Apply grace and wait. 

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