Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lesson 165. A time is coming where you're gonna see rain.

I'm so proud of my big sister Annie. She got news today that she'd aced one of her core papers and had earned herself an internship for next year at a fashion/pr company.

Annie has had a rough year. The big city is lonely and the lights aren't enough to keep you smiling. She's battled the ups and downs of massive life change and turbulence in almost every area. She hasn't really experienced a breakthrough like this 'til this very moment.

We all go through dry seasons. We wander through deserts of loneliness and confusion and we wonder when it all ends. I think sometimes we almost decide it won't. We almost lose heart and stop trying. I'm proud of my sister because she didn't, and she's on her way up and out of the valley.

Keep believing and trusting that your time will come. I know it's hard, but push. Push through and know that you won't be in the desert forever. A time is coming where you're gonna see rain.

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