Monday, November 26, 2012

Lesson 171. Talk to someone in a lonely moment.

It's getting on, and although I've been in bed for two hours I still can't sleep. My best friend right now is Shania Twain's biography and I'm currently googling if it's good to sleep with a deep conditioning treatment in or not, clearly my life is thrilling (maybe if I got out more I'd actually be tired enough to sleep right?)

Okay so I haven't been in bed for a solid two hours. I actually just wandered downstairs to quench my thirst after reading up a storm of Shania's childhood. I then discovered that I was not the only one battling a mind all too awake for midnight on a Monday, sitting on the couch was my mother. She was knitting for Christmas, and she had a cup of tea. I poured myself a glass of juice and joined her.

We discussed and debriefed the details of our day. Even though the majority of it was spent together, it was nice just to have someone to talk tiny things. To talk tea cups and record players, to talk Christmas colours and dinner plans. To talk just to talk. 

She doesn't know that a simple conversation about nothing did me a world of good. She's asleep in the next room oblivious to the fact that I can rest easier because there was someone discuss what time I would be waking up in the morning and what I had to get done during daylight hours. Not because she said anything profound or particularly stirring, but because she was simply there to converse and communicate with in a lonely moment.

To be perfectly honest, the last few days have been lonely. I've been battling thoughts of being by myself and they seem to overtake all else at the most inappropriate of times. I thought tonight would be no different, I was wrong. A couch chat with my Mama at midnight was exactly what I needed.

Don't underestimate the power of pure communication. Trust me, it doesn't always take a pearl of wisdom or a discovery of great importance to change something for someone. Talk shop, talk anything. Talk to someone in a lonely moment. 

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