Monday, November 12, 2012

Lesson 164. Tune into the rain and out of the fly.

There's a fly in my bedroom. It's a bee in my bonnet.

The incessant buzzing is driving me to the great line of sanity and I'm about to start kicking my legs and flailing my arms about in sheer frustration.

There's rain on my window pane. It's my favourite lullaby.

It sings of safety. It feels like home.

There's a battle between the two. And I'll admit that right now it's easier to listen to the buzzing, it's closer and it dominates. The rain though beautiful seems further, and harder to hear above the fly. But right now, I'll choose it.

I choose to hear the rain. To hear the sweet sound. To block out the cheap noise and choose something that reminds me of the beauty in life, something that I trust as constant and true. I choose to tune out the fly, to listen beyond him for better things. To ignore what bothers me and look towards what makes my heart happy.

I choose to hear words spoken out of love. I choose to hear the laughter of a child or the sound of happy tears embracing the ground. I choose to trust those who I know are full of wisdom and are consistent with sharing it. I choose to ignore the talk of those who stir for the sake of stirring, I choose to listen beyond them and hear the voices of those who believe and know truth about me and my decisions.

Tune into the rain and out of the fly.

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