Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lesson 10. When you lose your license, check your wallet.

I lost my drivers license for about 4 hours last night. I of course immediately flew into a large scale panic and went around my bedroom tossing clothes about as if they were my garden salad.

I told my sister, my flatmates, my boyfriend, my friends from my course. The world is over, my drivers license is no more (Even though I don't have a car in my possession currently) and I think it's fair to say I slightly overreacted. I plonked my wannabe-beyonce-behind on the stairs and huffed and puffed. Not until I blew my house down, just until I felt a slight sense of stress release and then returned to my room. I began an essay but my drivers license dilemma was still ticking over in the back of my mind. As per nightly routine, my flatmates came and sat on my bed and I told them my sad little sob story.

"Lyd, have you properly checked through your wallet?" Well what a silly suggestion, of course I had. I had opened it and stared at it and nothing had happened, that counts as properly checking right? Apparently no. It does not.

I opened my wallet, started pulling cards out and in my hot little hand I found my license. If I was an 'FML' saying woman, I would've said it, but I'm not, so I didn't. I just had to laugh at myself. How stupid is it that we so often don't check thoroughly in the simplest of places?

You think you've lost something for good? Maybe it's your license, maybe it's your touch, or if you're anything like me, maybe all of the above plus your mind. Look in the most obvious places, it's when we over complicate that we are blinded to the simple solutions. Get back to basics and you'll find that it has been under your nose while you've been scaling the countryside. Save your energy, check your wallet.

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  1. Done EXACTLY the same thing - man we are so alike. I fly into panics and put everyone lse into a panic and think it's the devil trying to harrass me and i've checked my wallet three times but there it is...:) xx