Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lesson 11. The eleventh hour pulls through.

I have this assignment. I would disclose details but you might swear never to set eyes on my blog again due to how immensely boring it is. I've been trying and trying. Crying and crying. Not quite my-life-is-over-sobbing until I'm in the fetal position, but definitely getting a little misty eyed over the whole ordeal. Stress does strange things to you. Puts the highest of walls around you and places you in the most confined of spaces. You know that feeling when your chest tightens simply at the thought of something looming in your future? I've been in that state for about three weeks. Trying to write two songs that meet some musically mad lecturer's requirements is apparently not the easiest of tasks.

It's due on Monday. One song has been done for a few days, the other hardly touched until yesterday. I sat and stared at my guitar. I then moved to staring at other stationary items such as my laptop. I tried a few things out. Got too frustrated and moved on to facebook. I tried again and then the most peculiar thing happened: I started writing. I wrote the lyrics in about an hour and I wrote the music during a conversation with my excellent older (but not the oldest) sister today.

It's strange how sometimes the eleventh hour pulls through. It is so easy to lose your head to stress to a point where you can no longer care about what happens. I think sometimes it's when we really lose ourselves to the possibilities, we get a little crazy, become willing to try almost anything that we discover our genius. Have a little faith in yourself, sometimes the eleventh hour pulls through. 

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