Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lesson 7. Don't cry whilst making use of the public transport system.

I had a bad day today. My lecturer is not very nice to me. My class finished, so I walked down to the bus stop, and I cried. I then swiped my hop card, proceeded to sit down next to some poor unsuspecting slightly overweight blonde woman clinging on to her groceries for dear life (potentially why she was slightly overweight) and continued to cry. People gave me funny looks left right and center (literally, it was a very full bus) For once, I was the crazy person on the bus you try and sit a few rows back from in case of any violent outbursts. I was the man with the missing teeth who asked me on a coffee date two days ago. Lydia, crazy crying bus lady.

The thing was, no one on the bus was going to help me. Don't cry whilst making use of the public transport system, I assure you it will get you no where. However, do cry when surrounded by loving, wonderful friends. Do cry when you get in the door. Do talk about it. Let them listen, let them care. Let the people you love be the ones you lean on. Whether it's your best friend or your boyfriend or your not-so-touchy-feely but still very lovely flatmate. Let it out. Crying can be such a healthy release. I learnt that today. Within the right context, tears can help to process difficult situations. I got home yesterday and collapsed on my couch into the arms of the people who know me and actually love me anyway. There was such a great release in letting it out. Sometimes we just have to learn to let loose in the right situations. So my loves, cry with people who care. Don't cry whilst making use of the public transport system. 

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