Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lesson 4. Talk about your feelings.

I was discussing life and love and all their mysterious friends with one of the most precious people in my life today. She hasn't been in my life too long but in the time that she has, she has changed it. Today I was honest with her. I talked about some things I find hard to talk about. I realised that we don't do this enough.

We tend to shy away from honesty in order to maintain the illusion that we are not human, no no, we are perfect porcelain shells of perfect people. Truth is, it's only when we are able to be seen raw and real that we are able to found and freed. My friend reminded me of this today. God does not force us to unmask, he simply waits for us to come and place our masks at his feet. Contrary to the world, he wants to love us through the brokenness, through the flaws, through our battles. He wants us to lean on one another, to open up and take the hand of the fallen hurting neighbour. He doesn't want us to simply send flowers, he wants us to be listening ears and crying shoulders. 

Western society creates such a strange illusion for the likes of you and I. It tells us the oddest of lies. To set the record straight, there is nothing normal or okay about pretending that life is fine and dandy when it's not. We would live in a different world if only we had the courage to be honest with one another. Truth is freedom and it begins with you and I. Don't shy away from being real about what you face, believe me, it's when we face it with a friend and a saviour that we can find freedom.

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