Friday, April 20, 2012

Lesson 3. Sometimes life's surprises are greater than its anticipated joys.

Apologies for the tardiness of this post. For once my Friday night didn't involve excessive eating and bed before 10. That's right, no staying home with friends made of fruit this week! I got a little wild and interacted with friends made of 80 percent water and goodness knows what else. So do a little celebratory jiggle about my social Friday night and let's jolly on with the show.

What did I learn/appreciate yesterday? Many things my friend, apparently social interaction means you learn a lot. I learnt a few things I perhaps would've been better off not knowing about male bathroom habits- but we'll save that grotesque little anecdote for another day. I learnt that sometimes life's surprises are greater than its anticipated joys. Last night I ran into some girls I went to school with. They were lovely, they've always been lovely, we just never spent scads of time together during the hideous/awkward high school days. Outside of those blue Bethlehem College gates, things were different.
It was as though we'd always been great gal pals, we greeted each other with big squeezes and high pitched babble. Something about seeing people from your hometown makes you feel secure, I was so happy to see people that belonged within my world, where I came from. We spent the night with friends and it was lovely. I didn't expect or plan to see them, it just so happened that they turned up to the same event I did, and the night evolved from there. I know it's not the greatest or most profound of life's lessons, but I think it's also one of the most underrated lessons we can learn. It's pretty straight forward really, sometimes life throws little joys our way when we are looking another. Appreciate the small surprises, from the smile of a stranger to a reunion with some sweet friends you used to know. Our world is in such a state of doom and gloom that we so often look past the good things and dig deep into the bad. Stop and realise that God puts good things right infront of you, sometimes when you least expect it.

Appreciate one of life's surprises today, you might find they're greater than what you had planned for your Saturday night.

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