Monday, April 30, 2012

Lesson 13. Dressing up makes everything better.

I HATE CLEANING.  My very being loathes it. I would happily sit in a mountain of clothing and estranged kitchen appliances if I had life my way. Unfortunately for both you and I, we are not creatures of the Lydia world, but inhabitants of the real world. My mother always told me the day would come when I would realise the necessity of a tidy house. I suppose today is that day. According to the 'Duties' board that my slightly Monica-like flatmate made, I too must play my part in this menial task.

I had an excellent day. I got things done, spent time with some top quality people, made my girls their favourite dinner. I even received a care package from my former employer and pals that was full of love and other household items. I had an excellent day. Come the evening I was in quite the chirpy mood (literally, for some reason tonight I felt like singing as though I'd sucked on helium) and decided to tackle not only my rostered duty but a few of the others as well. Tonight I became Lyderella.

I did not do an average clean tonight. I was thorough and meticulous. I was scratching at every persistent niggling little spot on the bench, I even wiped the kettle down. Food preparation cleaning sensation? Yeah, you could call me that. However, I have come to the conclusion that the only reason I was so driven to this character transformation was by one thing: I was playing dress ups.

You did read correctly. I am eighteen and I still take great delight in dress ups. I think you'll find you probably do too if you stop trying to be so alternative with your herbal tea, rolled up jeans and passion for music that sounds like someone whining and sobbing in a log cabin somewhere desolate. Dressing up just makes everything better. I put on my housewife head scarf, wore my polkadot button up tied at the waist with my high-waisted pants and let me tell you, I was a domestic dream. I then put on  "The Mouse Song" from the original Cinderella soundtrack and once again got my chirpy-mouse-meets-chipmunk voice on. It was potentially followed with a bit of "Call Me Maybe" and "Let's Get it On" but hey, let's not judge me based on what I may or may not find enjoyable to get down and dirty with (Again, I mean these things in a literal sense, my kitchen was kind of bogging tonight). For a moment or two, I forgot how deeply I hate cleaning. I actually kind of enjoyed it.

So I encourage you to let go of your inhibitions, your adult sophistication and your indie folk music. Listen to an original Disney soundtrack and dress up next time you have to do something boring. Take it from Lyderella herself, dressing up makes everything better.

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  1. I'm 26 and my life currently revolves around dressups and making the dreary seem to sparkle with glory. I am a BIG dressup fan!