Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lesson 8. You probably already have it all.

I deserved a slap in the face today. A good solid smack- none of this gentle correction stuff, a genuinely exasperated blow to the cheek. I have been so stupid.

I have been feeling sorry for myself all day. I have been listening the things that are hard: University is hard, missing home is hard, leaving your teddy bear at someone else's house is hard. It's a hard knock life for us. WHAT A JOKE. How preposterous! 

It's so easy to become so accustomed to the world that we live in that we neglect to notice the incredible details of our day to day lives. I bought a guitar today, isn't that exciting? I bought a really cool guitar today and all I also spent a portion of the day feeling sorry for myself. It's basically an oxymoron.

University is hard, yes. But I attend University. I am one of the few in the world (if you look at it on a larger scale) that was able to get earlier education and financial means to attend University. 

I miss home. Only because I have thus far lived the dream. My childhood was pretty much white picket fence. I have amazing parents and sisters and potentially the most beautiful dogs in existence. Of course I miss home. I am so lucky that I have grown up in a home worth missing.  

I left my teddy bear at someone else's house. My teddy bear wins. Snoosan wins at all of life. I am lucky to have my Snooze. 

And although the high points of life I am about to list have not yet made an appearance in this post, I'm going to tell you about them anyway because I am now enjoying having a wee brag. I am so blessed.

I have the best friends. We could have a super cheesy television show about our lives because we literally always end the day with a pep talk and cuddles. Sometimes we even plait our hair together. Seriously.

I have a God who conquers all. I have a God who loves all. I have a God who is all. 

So yes, today I deserved a slap in the face. My life is far from perfect, but I have a few things in it that come pretty close. I think sometimes you'll find if you stop staring your problems down and actually count your blessings, you already have it all. 

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