Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lesson 12. Hot water bottle usage is key.

The cold is setting in.  Alas, our summer romance is no more.

Gone are the days of you and I frolicking (wee side note: frolicking is a splendid term, I challenge you to use it in a conversation today) down by the seaside, splashing one another with dainty feminine hand flicks that slightly resemble a small child waving and smiling at a non existent camera. Winter and his chilly chums are moving in, and word on the street is that they're planning on sticking round for the next few months. We must accept his arrival and prepare for what awaits. It will only get colder from here. 

But do not fear! I have hope for you friend, and his name is hot water bottle. The cold bed dance need not last more than three seconds when hot water bottle is inhabiting your bed. No need to wriggle or jiggle or quiver or shiver around your bed until it reaches an acceptable point of warmth, all you need is your hot water bottle (and love according to the Beatles). When it comes to winter, hot water bottle usage is key. There is no point lying in bed whining about how chilly your belly is (Yes, hot water bottles sit best on the belly) when you could be snuggled up to a toastie companion. Hot water bottle usage is key. 

Brace yourselves, I'm about to make a life lesson out of a hot water bottle. Hopefully after this post you will see hot water bottles in a completely different light. If not, I'm sorry for doing a poor job but it's late and all I can seem to think about is my bed, which has a hot water bottle waiting for me in it.

We all have winters in life. I don't know your winter anymore than I know your middle name, I do however know that you will have known some form of cold or darkness through the seasons of your life. Maybe you are in a winter now, maybe you are sitting freezing wondering when things start to look up. Do not fear! I have hope for you friend, and his name is hot water bottle. That's right. In the winter of your life, find something to hold onto. I know it is there because we are never left without a vice, there is always something to better your situation, something little to make things a little easier. 

Pick up something small you can do to better your situation and it'll make surviving the winter a whole lot easier. Hold tight to what keeps you going. Hold on tight to what keeps you warm when everything else feels dark and chilling. It might mean holding on to a thought, a story, a memory. It might mean clinging to something more tangible like a relationship or just a someone who knows you and knows your winter. It might sound crazy but I'm of the belief that holding close to something that makes you happy will make the sadness a little further away and the light a little brighter. I'm not saying it will change your whole situation, I can't promise a life transformation or that you'll fall asleep with your hot water bottle and then wake up in the summertime, but I can promise a smile. A hope. A vice. Hold on tight to what keeps you warm at night, what helps you sleep when life gets rough. Hot water bottle usage is key.

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  1. Great. We sleep with our hot water bottle every night. The instant warmth is comforting and takes away all your cares.