Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lesson 128. Nobody puts baby in a corner.

Oh what a moment. The room is dimly lit, a bland song a sings by those lacking in pitch. The door opens, a flash of leather and pure beauty enters. His eyes search the space and settle on his prize. It's unexpected. Her eyes strike a thousand stars as he stands before her and outstretches his hand. It's magic. He looks her father in the eye and says with all the strength of a warrior 'Nobody puts baby in a corner.' Patrick Swayze, what a man.

They stand on stage. He utters his admiration and radiates with love for the woman he's about to lead about the arena. Then it happens. They dance like no one's danced before and end in one great leap. Quite literally. Into the air propels Francis in a moment of magic. Johnny pulls her down in a graceful slow sweep and she's met by a kiss. 

Dirty Dancing tells a story of people taking steps of courage. Trying something new. Doing something for love. Standing out for someone else. We need to do that more. We have to remind one another of just how capable we are. We need to be Johnny. Pulling someone out into greatness, standing up against those holding the ones we love back.

Nobody puts baby in a corner. 

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