Friday, August 31, 2012

Lesson 133. You just never know.

I looked to my right tonight to discover something rather marvelous. Two of my dearest friends.

I met both of them a long time ago. One of them I now live with and only just became friends with this year after 10 years of schooling. We had countless classes together, an identical moral compass and a mutual appreciation for cheesy christian novels. But we were just never friends. She sat in the middle block in history, I sat at the back. She sat a few desks up in science, I sat at the back. We'd shared a short stint of intimacy (such a cringey word) after we both dated idiots for an identical period of time but still remained strangers. The other I'd had one conversation with once after an exam in 5th form and hadn't conversed with since. They are both now held in the highest of regards within my heart. Best friends can come from nowhere. 

It makes my heart happy to know that there are beautiful surprises hiding. To realise that you really can't predict where life will take you or who will come to mean more than you imagined. It's a sweet awakening and I'm amazed by the absurdity and the breathtaking beauty of it all at the same time. You just never know. 

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