Monday, August 20, 2012

Lesson 122. Get an abdominal examination.

I have a great stomach. I know so because my Nurse in training flatmate just thoroughly examined my abdominals for practice and told me so. I'm considering adding it to my CV, I think it might be a real pull that I have a healthy and happy belly. Although also would be quite weird. Maybe I'll just keep it within our little circle of blogging pals, it can be our little secret that my stomach is excellent yes? (I'm really just joking because this is the internet and secrets don't exist in this domain) 

Anyway, my strange proclamation of appreciation for my innermost workings is because I think it's something to be celebrated. I think we need to appreciate the fact that we are in healthy working order every single day. 

You woke up this morning. You trundled on through your day to day routine and you took it for granted that your stomach completed all it's wondrous but perhaps slightly boredom baring tasks. You kept going because of something inside of you. Appreciate life's every day miracles. Appreciate your lovely little tum tum. Get an abdominal examination. 

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