Monday, August 20, 2012

Lesson 123. Make 'em laugh.

I had a little unpleasant episode today.
I found myself sobbing in a corner. With Dora the Explorer tissues and a few shreds lacking of dignity. I'd done miserably in a test. So I called mother, cried a little more, called sister, cried a little more, then was discovered so buckled up and brave faced the world. 

It began with a smile and turned to a laugh as my friends became jesters of my heartache. It was followed by some spectacular advice which I am very much taking. I'm in bed watching Singin' in the Rain. There's this scene, this wonderful scene where Cosmo gets comical and sings 'Make 'em laugh'. He sings out our long faces and questions why such a state of unhappiness exists when the world is full of happy happy things. 

Cosmo is kind of onto something. Instead of wallowing in my self pity, the people around me (whether aware of it or not) tickled my heart into light. It was by simple laughter and sweet smiles that I was able to face the rest of the day. Even if it's just a silly statement, or an awful joke, be someone's turn of events. My friends were mine.

Make 'em laugh.

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