Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lesson 124. Try Kathy's workout.

In 1993, an excellent woman called Kathy made an aerobics dvd for pregnant women. Complete with pastel full body spandex, a posse of woman with enlarged stomachs and a section entitled 'Preggo Shuffle' Kathy created quite the treat for those carrying such cargo.

Today, I experienced the joy of partaking in Kathy's wild work out. One of the ones I hold dearest in my heart is currently expecting and we decided to get our 'Preggo Shuffle' on. So we had dinner, discussed meal plans and the baby and then were in for the ride of our lives. Kathy exceeded our expectations in excellence. 

It was so much fun. I'm not sure if my belly aches from the workout or from the fact that I was in side splitting giggles for a solid 15 minutes. We laughed and we joked and it was good, for both of us.

So try something that you've never tried before or that maybe seems a bit strange in order to support someone. If they need you and you love them, do something practical to show them and hold their hand through not only the rough patches but the peculiarities. It's worth it, and it'll do you a world of good. Try Kathy's workout. 

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