Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lesson 111. Fight when it's worth fighting.

You've probably been told to choose your battles at some stage in your life. That somethings are worth fighting for and some simply aren't. I think we have a tiny tendency to go a little too passive. When something arises that we know in our heart of hearts is wrong, we try to tell ourselves that it isn't worth the argument. That fall out is simply not an option.

Although I'm very much inclined to agree that some arguments are absolutely pointless, I think we need to stand up a little straighter. Some things are worth fighting for. Someone brought up something with me today and I was faced with two options, either let it go and leave them be, or to be honest and look out for their best interests. I tried the latter and although I didn't get a stunning reception, it felt like I'd done the right thing.

Don't just sit back and let someone rubbish something you feel strongly about. Don't be walked over. Stand up for what and who you love. Start to fight when it's worth fighting.

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