Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lesson 105. Someone's dancing.

First things first, I've just realised that the people in my life are of premium quality. I'm currently winning. 

Daily anecdote begins with three of these top notch individuals. We decided to scoot on down to a open mic night. Greeted by various veterans (of all varieties) and a room dominated by semi seedy males, we voted backseats were best and took up our places. Time ticked on and our ears endured quite the sound smorgasbord. Eventually, the time came for one of our own to grace the stage. The tavern was quite noisy and it was hard to gauge a response from the audience, all bar one girl. 

A german fraulien (who later proceeded to have a cosy chat with one of my friends, he's got game) stood at the front, through all three performances and was almost always slightly mobile. With a jiggle there and a drink pump there, she was constantly dancing. Although easily overlooked, this is no easy feat. Constant dancing requires energy and enthusiasm, both of which she very much had. It was to say the least quietly encouraging to each of us, in a sort of peculiar way.

When you feel like life gets noisy, remember that someone is dancing. Someone is dancing for you, and that's someone to be proud of. I don't doubt for a second that you have your german girl somewhere, whether mother, brother, sister, or your best friends cousins ex girlfriends baby daddy's nephew, someone in your life is always dancing. Always enjoying you, always loving you and spurring you forwards. Believing in you enough to put a little booty into it.

Someone's dancing. 

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