Monday, August 13, 2012

Lesson 115. You'll see it soon enough.

5am. I’m tired again. We got on the plane and off we were, back to the big city.

It was ghastly weather. Cold, wet, windy. Not my dream day to say the least, but as the plane soared to greater heights, I witnessed the sunrise beyond the clouds.

I felt it on my face and I watched it hit the clouds. I saw the colours change and I felt my tired eyes open. I felt my tired heart realise what this moment meant for me.

There is always sunshine beyond the clouds. It might be the darkest doomiest day of your life, and I can promise you that somewhere up there, there is great beauty and light to be shed. And its time will come. Have hope in your skyline sunrise, remember that no matter how hard it is down here, there is more only just above, and you’ll see it soon enough.

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