Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lesson 125. Two birds, two stones.

I take a treacherous music technology class. Treacherous because I'm a wee bit of a technological dinosaur and copy and paste is about as far as my computing genius goes. I'm supposed to make a song using only computer software and as I've also been trying to write a song that requires a backing class for my main music paper, I thought I'd be a clever cat and kill two birds with one stone.

Unfortunately, the two birds one stone method isn't always the best when trying to deal with the tender creative process. I've been sitting at this computer in the lab for about 2 hours. I was tearing my hair out and getting very angry at the mouse (I don't know why, it was an easy target) when a friend came in and looked over the assignment with me. Josh pointed out that we didn't have to do an original song and maybe I should look at doing them separately. It all became very clear to me. Sometimes it's best to do your best with two tasks individually rather than trying to condense them into one.

So I'm going to take some tacky pop song and make it beautiful. Or at least that's the aim anyway. And I feel good about it, I feel like it's going to be done in time for Friday which I certainly didn't when sitting down to face the original plan this morning.

And I'm going to do my backing track separately, I'm going to channel my creative energy and overactive emotions there. It's going to be a much better alternative. In theory, I should be more stressed right? I now have more work to do yes? No no my friend, quite the opposite. I now feel as though I'm going to do better, I now feel as though success is in my sight, not simple mediocrity.

Two birds, two stones.

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