Monday, August 6, 2012

Lesson 109. Hold your head high and don't loose your fight or your joy in living.

I just received an email that brought me to tears. It simply spoke words of wisdom from one who knows me best. It was from my loving and proud father.

My Dad is a hero. He loves his family and he does right by everyone he can. He fights for justice and he cares in the best of ways. My Dad has always been and will always be the most heroic man I know. He's honest even when its hard and his love grows more evident within the raw statements he shares.

I've been fighting uphill battles. I know you're so aware of it because I tend to yabber on, but I've been really feeling it the last few days. It's silly because I have so much, but I feel like I have to be straight up with you because it's a part of my heart that is as real as the part of yours that hurts too. I've lost faith in myself and I've fallen into habits of retreat. Gone are the jutting of the jaw days and here seem to be the cowering the corner days. My Dad spoke words of great encouragement tonight. He told me that he was proud, that he loves me, and that he admires who I am. I don't think I've ever been more touched by a message in my mail.

He finished with a statement that rings true for all of us. "Hold your head high and don't lose your fight or joy in living" So take it from Greg, I tell you he's a wise one.

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