Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lesson 104. The time is now.

I put things off. I procrastinate. I like to think timing will be better a little later on. When the weathers better, when everyone can make it, when pigs are frequenting the sky and I'm athletic and 100% socially capable.

We're confronted by a series of life changing moments throughout our walk on broken ground. We're then faced with two responses: We grab ahold of with two hands, scream joy for dear life and prepare to kiss the dawn, or, we shrug our shoulders, look nervously to the left, kick an imaginary stone and mutter to ourselves about how another time would be better. We don't have a lot of time. The time is now. Stop being scared you silly goose! Speak your heart, do your dreams, don't hold back. The time is now.

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