Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lesson 132. Step forwards.

One of my best friends is having a baby, my Grandad is dating and his lady looks like big bird, my slightly cynical but super wonderful sister is head over heels in love. I'm at University. Things have changed and are changing with every breath I draw and every one that escapes.

I'm not the first to be terrified, I'm sure. Life advances at such a speed it's no surprise we're easily startled when we wake up and realise that things don't wait for us to be ready, they happen without our consent.

This sounds terribly morbid yes? 'Life happens and it's hard and you have to deal with it' No, I'd argue quite the contrary.

See while the whirlwind is dizzying, the winds of change within it are the winds that teach us the most about life. Things we often push past in search of greater happiness instead of realising that each lesson along this wild ride is one to rejoice in.

I've seen that life in its simplest form is absolutely breathtaking. I have seen bravery in it's rawest and most honest form. My Grandad has shown me that it's possible to be happy after the devastation of losing the sweetest heart you ever knew. My Sister has taught me that even those sensible enough to plan out each step can be swept of their feet, that the unexpected is better than the expected.

I've felt the deepest appreciation for the place I call home and the people dwelling within it. I have seen that tears often begin to water a garden of growth that lines the path forwards. I know how hugs help heartache and how often the simple words are the ones that count. I've held the best of hands in the times of hurt. I've woken up with an achey belly as a physical manifestation of my worried heart and I've ended the day lighter because of the arms of a friend.

You get there. I'm still a bit scared but I'm getting there. My eyes are wide open and although it's full of trials and toils I can see that life is in fact beautiful. I've got a lot to learn and I'm ready. I will overthrow my shackles of fear and move because I am capable of it. So are you. Step forwards.

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