Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lesson 106. Try extreme mattress sliding.

Oh dear. I fear I've become too comfortable with our relationship and taken you for granted. Never again, here goes rekindling the flames. I'm about to give you not one, not two, but three blogs in less than twenty minutes because I told myself I'd make bed before midnight. How are you? I hope you're doing swell.

So Friday was a day of great exhilaration and many adrenalin rushes. My flatmate and I were 'home alone for the weekend and were planning on having some friends over for a sleepover, unfortunately they never showed so we made something quite spectacular of their cancellation. We made a mattress slide. Three mattresses, two girls, one sleeping bag, way too much fun for a Friday. And that's saying something because Friday is definitely one of the most jovial weekdays. We initially began by simply sliding, but then decided to do ourselves one better and increase the wild times with a sleeping bag. This ultimately created an excellent slippery slope (not the bad kind, the excellent kind) which we both thoroughly enjoyed. We were already having fun, but that one little thing made things so much funner.

Go the extra mile. Do yourselves one better. You say it's going well? Make it go better. I promise, extreme mattress sliding is so much cooler than just plain mattress sliding. Try extreme mattress sliding.

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