Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lesson 131. Look forward to the day of new beginnings.

I have bought a bike. It has lived in a shed. Behind the mower and the pool toys from Christmas two years ago, hid a weathered treasure.

It's seat is ripped. The leather is tainted. It's rusty, the paint job is chipped and it's tethered together by tape.

I have a dream inside of my head. It's of a beautiful vintage bike that was given a second chance. Grandad and I have decided to make it a reality and tomorrow we begin.

We'll have to get out the rust remover, sand off the rough edges and the paint, rip the tape and polish the seat. It's going to be an arduous task but I have faith in the banter of my Grandad and the warmth of his company. I know that it takes hard work to turn something tired into something alive.

I'm doing it. I'm going in with my sleeves rolled up in my ripped jeans ready for oil stains. I'm ready for the hard yards because I believe in this bicycle. I believe that it was beautiful once before and I believe it will be beautiful once again. I believe that it will be even more spectacular than it was before.

I'm excited, are you? Well you should be. You should sing for second chances. Look forward to the day of new beginnings.

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