Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lesson 118. Don't walk in to doors.

I have a bruise on my hip because I managed to wrap myself around my staircase.

I have bruise on my arm that I hit on the corner of my kitchen top.

In the morning, I'll have a bruise on my forehead because I walked into my door as I was opening it this evening.

See the silly thing is, I knew the door was there, I was so aware of it that I was opening it and I hit myself in the face. You do this too.

You're like "Hey now Lydia, we're not all crazy klutz cats"

I'm like "Hey now friend, you actually are."

We do this all the time. On a regular basis, and then we whine about it. We wonder why we make the same mistakes when it's so clear not to make them. It's a moment of stupidity that leads to the magenta marks that tinge your skin. Our heartache is so often something that we just keep falling into. The door we just keep opening and hurting ourselves. We have to stop.

Be aware of your doors, of your stairs, the rhythms of heart ache you so easily fall into. They only leave you battered and bruised.

Don't walk in to doors.

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