Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lesson 46. Occasionally bask in comfortable silence.

Current location: Cloud Nine/Home.

Oh sweet bliss I am back. How I have missed the smell of where the leaves meet the grass, how I have missed the sound of silence on the street. I'm currently cuddled up waiting for sleep's tireless pursuit to  finally come to an end. Oh sweet bliss I am back. 

As usual, the blog of the day is born out of reflection. I have shuffled through the moments in the madness and settled on a few to draw out today's lesson. I drove home with my sister today. We had our pals John and Ed accompanying us via mixed C.D. and many a discussion about the road and where it's leading- metaphorical and literal of course. However, there was many a moment of silence. Not awkward or stilted or strange or uncomfortable, just a sweet simple silence. I am blessed to have the kind of relationship with my sister where words are not necessary. It's rare for that to exist between two people, so when it comes your way cherish it. When silence becomes something you are willing to accept rather than break, look at the person beside you and note-to-self that you love them and they love you. It's when we can be around each other without having to be anything else that we can call one another true friends. Hold onto the moments that lack words because in shout-scream-sing world, silence is a sweet rarity.

Bed. Silence. Beautiful. I am not in need of noise, I am simply appreciating life and all it's beauty, how comfortable we have grown to exist in parallel with one another. Occasionally bask in comfortable silence. 

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