Monday, June 25, 2012

Lesson 68. Petrol in a Diesel car is not the end of the world.

I was headed to my hometown with some A grade friends this evening. We had dwindled by two, I was the only girl and spirits were average to low. We filled up the car in a way we thought was relatively standard, little did we know what had skipped our slightly absent minded but still very great drivers intelligence. The previously purring car started to sputter and slow. Before we could say Jack Robinson, we were sitting on the Auckland motorway. A mind slip and a hurry had caused our driver to forget a rather crucial detail- the car was a diesel car, not petrol. We would not be moving anytime soon. He panicked, called his parents and followed with the AA. Soon enough Ray the tow truck driver appeared to rescue one damsel and many men in distress. In we hopped and off we went. Ray told us about his hardcore metal Nephew with a passion for music theory and classical composition. Ray's favourite word was buddy and he very much enjoyed having the window down even though it was freezing. He was a a very sweet podgy little man.

We then stopped in at my friends place before he dropped me home. Although it was supposed to be a momentary stop, his mother welcomed me in and asked if I'd stay a little while to have a bite to eat. Sure enough a few hours later I was fit to burst and smiling about it. It was so nice to feel the arms of a mother and bathe in the banter of a loving family.

Although it certainly wasn't to plan, it was a perfect example of a silver lining. I had a lovely evening. Inclusive of the kind of food I dream about, the best of company and warmth enough to touch the heart of someone struggling with loneliness, it was a rather wonderful topsy turn. To add a little more perfection to the initially mishap filled evening, my heart just realised I'm seeing my incredible parents tomorrow. What a peculiar turn of events. What a spectacular strange happening. I'm thankful for best friends and their beautiful families and I'm thankful for funny mistakes that lead to lovely discoveries. Petrol in a diesel car is not the end of the world. 

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