Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lesson 53. All in good time.

A couple of friends of mine are currently pursuing entanglements in the romantic region. Both unknowingly said the same thing to me today "Good things take time" and it got me thinking. They've never been more correct.

Whether it's a date or an exam, sometimes things take a shape that is well beyond the actual plan. Sometimes your dog gets ill and it's no longer available for a Saturday morning stroll. It doesn't mean to say that things won't work out eventually, maybe your dear friend time is stalling us so that we can learn the importance of what we receive. Waiting means we feel the worth once we arrive. Time means things can grow at a natural pace. Love means ups and downs and roundabouts but it's never to say it isn't a glorious exhilarating ride. Dedicated pursuit of love takes patience. Unfortunately many of us grapple with the concept of patience in an instant-coffee kind of world. Let it brew my sweet lonesomes, it's worth  the time it takes. It's a topsy turvy turning journey but it's wonderful. Don't give up on what you want, but don't expect it at the click of your fingers. The best things can't simply be formed by your thumb meeting your third finger, they take intricate details and waiting for a spell or two. Take heart! The best things take time. If it's taking too long, be happy about it. Surely it only means that greater things are forming while you wait. All in good time.

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