Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lesson 67. Do a little dance.

I have an exam at 9.15am that I am severely underprepared for. Potentially because I'm blogging instead of studying because I am that committed to my relationship with you. It's a precious moment for you and I. Our eyes lock through the pouring rain, yours are a little misty (I can't tell whether it's because of the conditions or you're overwhelmed with my bold gesture) we then embrace and discuss the depth of our love by the fireside with towels wrapped around our heads like turbans. Almost like in one hundred and one dalmations but kind of not like that at all. TANGENT. My mind is all over the place and this is very evident in all areas. Back to my point, I'm very stressed. However, it's due to my own negligence so I take full responsibility when it comes losing sleep and nails over this situation.

I've had my iTunes on shuffle whilst juggling summaries with insanity and I've found the greatest outlet. I am in fact in bed and shakin' my bedded booty to my jams. It's an excellent release for stress and a spot of crazy. Before I opened this window my hands were in the air and I was hitting my head from side to side of my pillow in order to create a new funky move. I'm confident it will take off, almost as confident as I am that yoyo will instead of yolo (you're only young once is a much better acronym, watch this space.) Every paragraph I allow myself a dance break. It results in me exploding into fits of giggles and then feeling sad because the only person here to enjoy it is Snoosan and he doesn't say much. My radical moves make up for the lonely night.

Try it. Do a little dance.

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