Monday, June 11, 2012

Lesson 55. Don't let precious friendships fade.

I tasted bittersweet coffee across the table from a beautiful friend this morning. Bitter because a kindred spirit has to move on, sweet because of the blessing she has been thus far. Beautiful because that's just the way she was made and grows more so everyday. However, as I held her hand shared a moment in precious prayer with her, I realised I'd let a cherished friend fade into the background as the life carried me away with it's to do's and deadlines.

As I'm sure you've gathered, the last few months have been full to the brim with learning and this is a lesson that appears be slightly recurring. I think it's something that takes brand new centre stage as high schools curtain closes and people skip town. It's all too easy to let dear friendships fade into what feels like yesterday. Don't make that mistake, appreciate people while they're in your life. While they are close, hold them closer. I'm willing to let that dear friend step on that plane on Friday because of a resolution I've made to myself. I will keep in touch. I will make an effort. I will set aside time. Life is too short to let superficial situations distract from meaningful engagements with others. I reflect with regret on relationships I have let wither, but a greater hope overrules it because of the lesson I have learnt. Solid friendships are not something to be taken for granted, they are something to be treasured and invested in. It isn't too often someone comes along that can learn your heart, know your heart, and speak to your heart, please don't let it pass you by. People are so important. Don't let precious friendships fade.

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