Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lesson 57. Make up a word.

If there isn't a word for it, create one.

This should be a simple solution- but instead we bypass it and head straight for the thesaurus. Now don't get me wrong people- if the thesaurus was a man I would probably ask it to pop to the alter, have four beautiful children with me and purchase a samoyed puppy to match our white picket fence in suburbia. But I've recently discovered the joy of tailoring our sweet dialect to my own measurements. It can make the dullest of life's explanations spectacular and turn stressful situations to genius intellectual discoveries.

I have one of the hardest tests yet on Friday. I was chatting with a pal who appears to be in the same sinking ship and I invented a word to describe my general lack of talent at guitar.

Musically challenged by the Guitar.
"She's so guitarded!"

Now you see my point. I know you at least smirked at my wild new word. I have shed many a tear over the exam that belongs to Friday, but I have also realised that in times like these we mustn't take ourselves too seriously. Make light of something that scares you, you might find it brings a smile in the midst of fear. You might find it makes you slightly more comfortable with the situation. Go on, make up a word.

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