Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lesson 63. Come home.

Life is complicated. Growing up takes its toll. In our instant coffee world, we lose our essence all too easy in the hustle and bustle. It's so easy to be stomped on by the opinions of others and even things that are supposed to help. Things like grades, constructive criticism, even due dates that we fail to meet or appointments we forget to sharpen our pencils for. Life has its heavier battles- loneliness, fear, insecurity and heartache. We can take on such unnecessary weight. We can become so bogged down by it all that we lose who we are in the madness.

Get back to what makes you you. When it all gets too much, remember the silly things that make you who you are. The personal jokes, your mothers smile, your favourite food on a Sunday night, the way you love the rain at night, the time you found your voice. Remind yourself of you. Trust me, it's worth it. Listen to some music that reminds you of summer two years ago when everything felt right. Watch a home movie just to smile at the accent you used to possess. If you can't make the trip, do the little things like that. If you can make the trip, come home. 

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