Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lesson 63. Have a little dinner before unpacking the car.

I arrived home today just in time for tea. My sister and I left the car packed and went inside to partake in sweet sustenance.

Dinner was anything but a disappointment. We sat down to eat with my parents and digested top notch nourishment. I sat by the fire and warmed my back. I sat with my parents and warmed my heart. Eventually, we finished dinner and it was time to unpack. Just time. No rush, no urgency, the time just came.

It happens all the time. We rush through dinner dates and coffee cups simply to get to the next task of the day. It's not something we should be doing. We need to take time and smell the roses. Breathe in a little banter. Tell a few more stories. Laugh at life's misfortunes. Life is not long enough to race through. Have a little dinner before unpacking the car.

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