Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lesson 47. Watch an inspiring film.

Family film night was a bit misty-eyed this time round. Mostly on my Dad's behalf (he happens to be a fool for ill wildlife and the underdog rising to triumph) but not without worthy cause.

It erred a little towards the cliche side of things, but it also dug a little deeper in the direction of the heart. So the story went: Downtrodden solo Father trying to raise two children whilst nursing his broken heart. Makes major lifestyle change. Turns a load of lives around. Fall in love again. Made his mark on the world. Roll ending credits to some upbeat Jonsi.

I don't know what it is that makes something as fictional as film stir up something within us. Maybe it's simply a story of something better than what we know right now, maybe it's a spark of re-ignition that the world is ours to set alight. I don't know what inspires you. I do however know that when you are feeling like the man who's life soundtrack seems to be stuck on 'Yellow' by Coldplay, you need to watch something that makes you feel like rising to triumph. Watch an inspiring film.

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