Friday, June 29, 2012

Lesson 72. Laugh at your various film genres.

My flatmates and I have an ongoing joke. It basically runs on the basis that we're all basket cases who seem to have multiple strange and startling personalities. In the midst of teenage turmoil we somehow manage to laugh at the sides of ourselves we find difficult to deal with, the feelings we face with fear we have a little giggle. Tonight we sat on the kitchen floor and discussed the various categories that my life film would come under, eventually we settled on pysch-thriller/drama/action/rom-com. We then sat on the couches and rolled around in fits of giggles at the hilarity of our troubles.

It's natural to feel a thousand different things at once when you're eighteen, female and dreadfully homesick/confused as to where home is. Your situation is understandable, cut yourself some slack. Learn to look at heavy things with light eyes and a laugh that gets the situation but doesn't see it as something impossible. You might feel like you're all over the place, just stop beating yourself up and see the funny side. Life gets crazy and hard, you must refuse to let it harden you and embrace the crazy. Laugh at your various film genres. 

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