Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lesson 59. Keep someone company on a boring workday.

First off, I must begin the correct way:
I am truly sorry dear friends, I have been slack and it's inexcusable. I am a sad excuse for a blogger and for that my heart is filled with sorrow and remorse, this paragraph is simply a cry for help. Please forgive my transgressions and moved forward the utmost confidence in my commitment to you. I promise to work on our relationship with the tenderest of care from this day forward. So I must continue.

Today, I plonked my behind on the one chair at my sisters work. I then pulled out two chocolate eclairs and a black forest cake and proceeded to share them with my gorgeous thing of a sister. It was quite lovely. I'd wandered down lorne, popped into the cake boutique, purchased the sweet goods and then headed for high. My sister was pleasantly surprised and rightly so, we somehow managed to chat the afternoon away between customers and I bought a new pair of pajamas across the road in a sale.

My point is, two is very much better than one. Annie could've worked on her own, she could've completed the days menial tasks and once again conquered solitaire on her phone, but the day would've worn duller colours and she would've headed home to crack into some Uni work having had no relief from work. Now I'm not saying I'm the best of company, I trail off sentences and make up works and make high pitched noises when silence comes about. I am saying that keeping someone company on a boring work day is well worth the while. If you don't have anything in particular to do, do something for someone else. Keep someone company on a boring workday. 

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