Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lesson 61. Everyone gets lonely sometimes, it doesn't mean you're alone.

Lonesome seems to be a feeling we all experience much more often than we own up to. We cover it with painted smiles and echoed laughs of the happiness we once knew. I've come to this realisation, this revelation, that lonely often means you're so close to so many.

Feeling lonely is something we all know. Facebook photos of uninvited celebrations, hearing people talking late at night, being out on a personal joke in conversation or simple sitting in a bedroom alone is something we've all felt. When you feel that way, feel close to millions. So many people feel lonely, it doesn't make them alone. In fact it makes them more like others than they realise. We need to start reaching out in our loneliness. To rid ourselves of the mentality that we must face things alone. People who care about you are through the next wall, up the stairs, beside you in class, all it takes is honesty.

Everyone gets lonely sometimes, it doesn't make you alone.

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  1. i love you lyds coz you make me cry with all your lessons! :]