Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lesson 144. You just do.

It was 8am on a Saturday. No one in my life ever tries to communicate with me until at least 10 on my sweet Saturday. No one.

There were four knocks on my door. I rolled over, hoping it was but a dream. Then came four more. Then I awoke to realise that something kind of serious was about to take place- after all, it's 8am on a Saturday and someone is attempting communication. 

My flatmate folded into my arms. Tears told the most of her heart, although she tried to explain what was going on in between gasps for either air or reason. Her Dad had been admitted to hospital, extreme pain, could I please take her home? Of course. So big sister dropped off my trusty jazz, I pulled yesterdays clothes over my head, popped Snoosan and my bible in a bag with a rip in it and off we went. 

Why? Because in times of crisis you just do. I'm not saying apply this to all areas of life because you most certainly shouldn't but when tragedy strikes, you have to trust your gut and just do. Because if someone needs you in a storm of uncertainty you my friend are called to step up and fight for a way out of the rain. In the case of an emergency, you just do. 

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